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Headspace youth charity

As individuals our goals vary, but we have similar plans: to run further than we think possible at the Backyard Ultra event. As a team our goal is to raise as much money and awareness as possible for Headspace by asking our supporters to make a donation to the charity, or pledging an amount per lap as a group, donated to the charity after the event. 

Meet the runners

What is the event?

The team will be taking on the AAA Racing Clint Eastwood Backyard Ultra in Brisbane on the 12th August, 2022.

Backyard Ultras are one of the fastest growing race formats across the world. It's a lap based event that almost anyone can enter, whereby each runner has one hour to complete a 6.7km lap. If you don't complete the lap within the hour or don't line up at the start line for the next lap, you are cut from the race. 

Competitors truly find their own limits at this event. It has worldwide interest and races are run every weekend. 

The world record is 90 laps - that's over 90 hours of running and 600km's!!! This record was set by Merijn Geerts in Germany in May this year.

In Australia, the current record is held by Phil Gore from Western Australia with a huge 51 laps.

As the popularity of this event gains momentum, so does the talent of the competitors. The AAA Racing backyard ultra is a fast track and expected to have top runners chasing down a big number this year. 

How to support?


Donate anytime in our go fund me page for your donation to go directly to the charity

Donate here

Pledge per lap

Get in touch with us to pledge an amount per lap for the team to support the charity when we complete the race

Contact us

I'm not a runner, but how else can I help?

The event is held at Oxley Common in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. If you are available to come down and support the runners and see first hand what this race is all about we would love to see you! Just get in touch with any one of the runners or email to discuss.

How does the pledge per lap work?

This brings some excitement to your support. We ask that you or your organisation suggest a dollar amount or value per lap that the team as a group will achieve. At the end of the race we total up all of the laps the team has done and multiply that by your value per lap. 

For example: Each team member achieves 20 laps each, which totals 80 laps for a team of four. You have advised the team you will give $1 for each lap. This  means your donation to the charity will be $80. 

We know what you're thinking, what if you all run for days! We understand circumstances may change and we promise to not hold you to your pledge. If you are in a position to honour your pledge that's great, otherwise simply support the charity however you can.

How many laps is the team expected to do?

Ultra running is a sport that has many variables that can make or break the day. 

We've asked each team member what they expect to achieve on a 'good day' of running and here's what they said

Ross: (x laps)
Jalna: (x laps)
Jamie: (52+ laps)
Lachlan: (x laps)

Are you accepting any more runners to your team?

Yes! We are looking for team members up until the 12th June - the team will be formed by this date. This gives donors confidence in pledging an amount per lap to get an estimate of the amount of laps we will do. Please get in touch with any one of us to discuss!


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