Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review

This is the perfect headlamp for obstacle course racing, rogaine or an event where you are guaranteed to get wet! The Black Diamond Storm was my very first headlamp for obstacle course racing back in 2016. I have two of these lamps and they have been through some very harsh conditions. Dust, mud, fully submerged in iced water and knocked about many times on races and training runs.

Both of my lamps are still watertight and working well to this day. Highly recommended for harsh conditions or a light weight, waterproof affordable back up light in your race kit. For long distance night racing I recommend using 2 sets of rechargeable AAA batteries (8 in total) which will get you through the night.

I've worn my Black Diamond Headlamps at Tough Mudders, True Grit and Spartan Races, as well as many night trail runs and races. Through rain, submerged in shipping containers full of iced water and thrown around. The Black Diamond is seriously built to last.

Check out below where I take you through some of the features

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