True Grit Kooralbyn - My first 5km OCR

I was fortunate enough to run the 5km True Grit obstacle course in Kooralbyn, west of Brisbane recently with my mum and dad. It was was my first real obstacle course and I loved it! I'm writing my experience in the hope that one day if you're thinking about doing one of these events, do it! Check out our video below as we run around the course with the Go Pro! So much Fun!

On Saturday we first arrived at True Grit. There was a ridiculous amount of people there, I heard about 3,000 people over the weekend. I was meant to go for my 5k run at 12:00 PM or after because I was a 5km runner. It was my mum and I, we were going to run it the 5km together, since my dad secured us some tickets.
So, my mum was really excited, but me on the other hand was a bit nervous. I don't really know why but I did feel excited and nervous at the same time. My mum came up to me and said we should go get wristbands. That's when we came up to the True Grit staff and signed in. They gave us the wristband and said we could get out early instead of 12 PM otherwise midday would just be too hot and too late. So my mum and I decided to go out at 10:00am.
As it was time to go for the run, my mum insisted that we take a hat while running. I couldn't wear a hat because it would just pull off and I don't like that. So, I said I'll wear a headskinz instead. My dad picked out a lovely yellow and black headskinz from the Run Vault shop. As we started running, I realised that they were bigger hills than I had imagined. The hills went on an on until I slipped on the steepest hill. Once we got to the top there were some obstacles, some were hard and some were easy. In my opinion the hardest one was the tyre drag.
Once we had both finished the race, I had so much fun! I had even asked if I could go again. My mum said maybe, but my dad said he'll be fine with it. Soon enough, I had fully convinced them and my mum agreed. My mom said she'll take me out again. My goal for the race was to do all obstacles and I did!
When we had finished the race, the event was over. But the next day I had wanted to do it again! After a long conversation and a lot of convincing, they finally allowed me to the do the race once more. But this time I got to do it with my dad. To say thank you to True Grit we gave some Run Vault merchandise.
My dad quickly changed into his RVP singlet and then we waited for the countdown, then we started running. My dad helped me with my technique during the race. It was fun with him filming me and doing it together and supporting each other throughout the race. When we have reached the end of the course, on the loudspeaker the announcement was ‘’will she beat her dad of Run Vault?’’ And I did! Happily. Because I ran the event three times, I got a bronze medal! Yes! I had achieved what I came here for. And that also meant that I had ran 15 kilometres. This event has inspired me to do more stuff an events like this and watching the other athletes cross the finish line including Robin (who is also an RVP athlete) has also inspired me to motivate myself to do more than what I think I can.

How did I Feel Running my very first lap?

I felt strong as I ran up and down the hills. When I had reached the obstacles, I was excited to do them. Most of them were achievable however I did find the tyre drag difficult as it was very heavy. I ran this lap with my mum and we worked together.
True Grit Finish Line Feels

How did I feel on my last lap?

I felt much more confident on this last lap and was proud to show my dad the course and what I could do. I was getting hotter in the day and it felt really good to finish. Oh and I beat my dad to the finish!


True Grit Australia Finish Line Feels


How did I feel getting my medal?

I felt super exited more than ever! I came to true to achieve 1 x 5k lap, but no, I did 3 laps. 2 with my mum, and 1 with my dad. it felt really good to receive something for my hard efforts. I wore it around my neck with pride!


True Grit Australia Finish Line Feels

By Maya Hunter
Junior RVP Athlete

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