Trail Brew - Raspberry
Trail Brew - Raspberry

Trail Brew - Raspberry

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Raspberry Trail Brew - flavoured with 100% real raspberry powder.  Raspberry Powder is made from Raspberry puree concentrate which has been dried using during a low temperature process.  If you want the real raspberry flavour, this is your jam (pun intended). That same mild flavour, keeping the taste fresh all day.

Ingredients: Dextrose & Sucrose for your unlimited energy supply, and a range of Sea Salt, Sodium & Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Chloride and Calcium Carbonate for your ultimate electrolyte replacement. Citric acid for acidity regulation. Flavoured with 100% Raspberry powder.

Per scoop (25g) 90 calories; 148mg Sodium; 84mg Potassium; 28mg Magnesium; 28mg Calcium

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