Raidlight 12L Hydration vest - Product Review

Jamie Hunter:

Let's review the Raidlight men's and women's responsive 12 litre hydration vest.

These vests are designed in the French Alps and made from state of the art materials. There is storage access on the front with a zippable front pocket for easy access to frequently used items. There is also a zippable pocket in front of the bladder on the back of the pack to store mandatory gear or food to protect from the elements.

A standout feature is the BOA adjustment control that allows you to dial in the perfect fit and allows you to make adjustments on the fly as you take on fluids and remove gear from the pack. Turning it clockwise Tightens the pack while anti clockwise offers a quick release.

Another great feature is the simple and effective pole carrying system on the front of the vest which makes stowing and carrying your poles easy without the need to stop or slow down.

This vest is available in men's and women's specific versions and they are supplied with two 600mL Raidlight soft flasks and can also accommodate up to a 2 litre bladder in the back compartment bringing your total fluid capacity up to 3.2 litres.

With loads of storage zip pockets, adjustable chest strap and safety whistle, this vest will give you years of reliable performance.

Whether you need to carry basic gear for a 50km race or a heap of mandatory gear for a 100 miler or more, these packs are the perfect go to option! Check out the range here.

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