Beam Me Up - Ferei Headlamp Review

By Jodie Oborne

If you’re an ultra runner and/or plan to run in the dark then a good headlamp is worth the investment. I’ve had a Ferei headlamp (HL20) for over 5 years now and it hasn’t missed a beat. It’s likely to serve me for many more but don’t take my word for it. Here are some features to consider when looking to invest. I’ve recently obtained the Ferei HL40 which I’ve road tested or trail tested as it goes. It’s got some great features that improves on the HL20.

Trail Running Headlamp

Brightness – Lumens the more the better. The Ferei HL40 has maximum output of 1000 Lumens. Now that is bright and your lamp at max output will last just over 4 hours with the battery it comes with. For many events you probably don’t need it that bright the whole time, but it’s easy to dial down the brightness or in this case dial it up. When you switch on your Ferei HL40 it’s at it’s minimum brightness 10% and you simply hold down the button to dial it up. This headlamp with it’s small battery will last longer and twice as long at 50% – 500 Lumens and that will get you through the night and that’s still BRIGHT.

Trail Running Headlamp

Battery Life – Now if you’re hardcore and looking at multiple nights or prolonged use on high then I recommend getting a backup battery and an extension lead. At Last One Standing where I started running at 10pm the basic kit lasted all night. The next night I plugged in the backup battery seen here charging off my portable battery pack with the extension lead in my pack and again it lasted through the night, if only I had too!

I’ve also had the honour of crewing and pacing through 3 nights on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 200 miler. I was out on course providing support on the first night from midnight through to dawn, my runner making it to Esk for breakfast. I rested during the day but spent the next night in support traveling from Moore to Yarraman, the runner making it to the turnaround point around midnight. I also assisting another runner out on course in the dark not long after that, we ran into Blackbutt on the return journey in time for breakfast at the bakery. There was some time during the day to charge the battery up again for the next and third night where I paced my runner from Mt Hallam to Lowood 26km or 4 1/2 hours of fast hiking through the night. The Ferei Headlamp a constant and reliable companion in the dark over those three nights.

Trail Running Headlamp

If you love getting out in nature like I do you will be amazed what you will come across at night. I’ve spotted Koalas after hearing them growling in the trees at night runs in the Toohey Forest (Brisbane) the odd python (Mt Coot-tha also Brisbane), Tawny Frog Mouth Owls, Echidna’s and thousands of Cane Toads, in the Snowy Mountains it was Wombat Holes at the Hume and Hovell 100km. Now they are things you don’t want to miss. You’re sure to have many adventures and won’t miss the wildlife and hazards with this light.

Some other great features:

  • adjustable focus, easily switch from flood beam when negotiating technical trails in the dark or low light to spot beam when searching for course markers so you don’t go off course.
  • light weight the last thing you want when you have to carry a lot of gear is more weight.
  • 2 year warranty from date of purchase I haven’t need to test this I’ve had continued faultless use for 5 years +
  • USB charger which is an optional extra makes charging anywhere easy, even on the go but you will need a spare battery if you want continuous use.

Check out the Ferei HL40II here!

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